Store To Do is a Retail Architecture company based in Spain offering Store Design & Project Management services.

Store To Do was born in 2014 after a long experience in Retail Architecture, making part of the most importan retailers for more than 10 years. Our Team is acknowledged as experts in Retail Design and Planning, working on some of the world’s most prestigious and significant retal destinations. We understand that this sector is both complex and fascinating, but perhaps most importantly, it is evolving.

Each client is different in regards of their reasons for refurbishment and update of the interface between retailers and visitors Through our processes, our designers systematically review all of the possible issues and offer appropriate solutions that will add value to the asset.

Alongside the client, we aim to identify the layout and facilities that are currently offered, looking in detail at a blend of complementary options and uses introducing additional leisure and entertainment components as well as additional and refreshed visitor facilities.

During a refurbishment, wherever possible, we keep the store open for trading through a phased approach. This ensures to keep both customer and traffic flow to cause minimum disruption on the shopping experience.